14 Sept 2021


The 2019-20 bushfires were some of the most catastrophic fires our country has seen.

We lost so much – and we’ll feel the impacts for years to come.

That’s why WWF-Australia has launched this bold program of action to Regenerate Australia. But we can’t do this alone. Our goal is to work with a range of extraordinary partners to repopulate our wildlife and restore natural habitats. We aim to future-proof Australia against further climate and fire-related disasters.

So far, we’ve partnered with over 40 organisations across every state and territory. And the work is just getting started.

Why do we work in partnership? 

As we work to Regenerate Australia, we’re re-imagining how to solve problems at scale. This means collaborating with extraordinary partners, Traditional Owners, local communities, governments, scientists and businesses.

We partner with businesses in the corporate sector because of their enormous capacity to help with the devastating threats to Australian wildlife and bushland. This sector drives so much of the global community. It has the capacity to adopt innovative, sustainable solutions that will drive system change, making them ideal partners for WWF-Australia.

We work with partners in many different ways. For instance, WWF-Australia and Tasmanian Walking Company have partnered to raise funds for Regenerate Australia. Walk for Wild is centred around four of Tasmanian Walking Company’s award-winning walks departing in October 2021. 100% of its Walk for Wild sales will be donated to WWF’s Regenerate Australia. 

We’re also partnered with Botanica by Air Wick to create The Rare Bloom Project™. In collaboration with the Australian Seed Bank Partnership, we will work to help save 120 native Australian wildflowers from the threat of extinction through a conservation program of seed collection, germination trials and propagation. To learn more about our other exciting partnerships click here.

Australian Seed Bank Partnership

Projects our partners can support

Everyone has a role to play as we work to Regenerate Australia. As a changemaker in your industry, your business can play an important role by supporting our key projects:

Koalas Forever — Together we can save koalas from extinction and double the number of koalas in Eastern Australia by 2050. 

Towards Two Billion Trees — Join our plan to save and grow two billion trees by 2030 and restore the native habitats of our precious Australian wildlife.  

Renewables Nation — We aim to switch Australia to a low carbon future and become the world’s leading exporter of renewable energy by 2030.

Innovate to Regenerate — We encourage Australians at a local level to get creative and develop community-led solutions that we can help scale and replicate. 

Partner with WWF-Australia

Regenerate Australia is the most ambitious regeneration plan ever undertaken on Australian soil. Our goal is to rehabilitate and restore wildlife and their habitats, while future-proofing Australia against climate disasters.

But we need your help.

Victoria Pilbeam with young talent at Regenerate Australia TV ad filming
© WWF-Australia / Vanessa Barnett

We believe everyone has a role to play as we work to Regenerate Australia. And we want to collaborate with you.

Together, we can create a flourishing, thriving Australia.