Will you join the movement to make Australia a Renewable Energy Exports Powerhouse?

WWF-Australia is campaigning to make Australia the world’s leading exporter of renewable energy by 2030. If we can dramatically accelerate the uptake of renewable energy both here at home and globally, we have a chance to limit dangerous climate change. Specifically, we’re calling on all state and federal governments to:

  1. Develop a costed Renewable Energy Exports Plan;
  2. Ensure the current renewables boom continues;
  3. Legislate a Climate Action Plan that ensures stable careers for workers, communities and industries currently reliant on the fossil fuel industry; and
  4. Work together to accelerate production of renewable energy that delivers a zero carbon future and safer climate for all.

By combining what our nation is famous for, namely, – endless sunshine, huge land area, powerful winds, world-class expertise, and strong trade relationships – with the global shift to a low carbon future, it’s a no-brainer that Australia should take the lead as a renewable energy export powerhouse.

Your donation today will support our campaign to:

Solar panel with sunset background


Create the market conditions for renewable exports to thrive

Wind turbine, wind farm stock image, Renewable recovery campaign


Tell powerful stories about Australia's renewable energy opportunities that make people's lives better

Solar panels and wind turbines generating electricity in solar power station


Stimulate the deployment and demand for Australia's most promising renewable export opportunities in Australia and overseas

Stand-alone exterior solar panel system installation


Improve the performance of the renewables industry along the supply chain - mining to manufacturing, deployment to reprocessing

Australia can produce enough clean and affordable energy to power our whole nation, plus have plenty left over to sell to our neighbours. There have been many debates arguing the choice between having a healthy environment and a healthy economy. As a renewable energy export powerhouse, Australia could have both. We could boost our economy, create tens of thousands of new clean energy jobs and lower our domestic carbon pollution, improving the environment for all.