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Australia's unique plants and animals evolved in splendid isolation over 30 million years. But in the blink of an eye we have lost 90 species. Another 1700 are barely clinging on. Our country is facing an unprecedented extinction crisis. Only with your help can we save the wondrous species that remain - the turtles and gentle dugongs, shy rock-wallabies and quolls that are found here and nowhere else, but which are fighting for their lives. Your support for WWF can make a world of difference. It directly boosts our front line efforts to protect both species in the wild and the habitats they depend on by enabling us to:

  • engage Traditional Owners and Indigenous rangers to control feral predators and recover populations;
  • learn more about threatened species, so as to build their resilience to climate change; and
  • campaign to protect the homes of animals most at risk.

The threats to terrestrial species like quolls and rock-wallabies are sadly all-too-common - climate change, habitat loss, predation by foxes and cats, and poor fire management. At sea, our turtles, dugongs and albatrosses encounter deadly marine pollution, fishing nets and illegal poachers. WWF understands what's at stake. That the loss of one species can have a disastrous flow-on effect. Your donation today will assist not one but the many animals that share our special landscapes. You can help to prevent further extinctions of Australia's extraordinary species right now. All it takes is the click of a button.

We'll put your generous gift to immediate use. All donations over $2 are fully tax-deductible and we'll send your receipt straight to your inbox.

If you would like your generous support to go further, please consider making a monthly donation. This supports our long-term planning and helps to keep our administration costs down, giving a huge boost to our conservation work.

Koala mother with a joey on her back sits on the ground.
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