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A willingness to roll up our sleeves and get to work in the face of hardship - that’s what Australians are famous for!

There’s still so much to do to protect what’s left of Australia’s incredible landscapes and restore what was lost after the catastrophic bushfires of 2019-20. But together, we can make a big impact.

Help fund one of the critical projects below and contribute towards their success.

You can choose to invest in a solution that brings behaviour change, protects wildlife or restores critical habitat. Once you make the choice, you’ll receive updates straight from the field on the project’s progress.

You’ll be helping to Regenerate Australia

These critical projects are designed to drive forward our overarching mission to help restore wildlife and habitats, rejuvenate communities impacted by the bushfires, boost sustainable agriculture and future-proof our country. So when you support one of these critical impact projects today, you’ll be directly helping to regenerate Australia.
Veterinarians and nurses at Milton Village Vet treating Hissy the possum's burns. Hissy suffered third-degree burns to all four paws.

By 2025 no injured wild animal will be more than two hours from professional treatment in fire-affected areas.

Aerial panorama of rainforest and rugged cliffs. Springbrook National Park, Queensland, Australia

By 2030 protecting and planting two billion trees will help halt biodiversity loss and combat climate change.

An AirSeed Technologies drone that can plant up to 40,000 seeds a day

Mobilising the brightest minds to find innovative new ways to solve big problems.

Release of Mary the koala into the wild in Emmaville, NSW

By 2050 doubling koala numbers on the east coast.

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