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Australia has already lost more mammal species in the last 200 years than every other country in the world combined. Koalas are declining at a rate of 21% per decade and could be gone from the wild in NSW by 2050, along with many other uniquely Australian species who are losing their forest homes. Global wildlife populations have declined by 60% since 1970 . Tigers are endangered and on the brink of extinction – with as few as 3,900 left in the wild. In Borneo, orangutans are losing their homes and their lives - they’re now listed as critically endangered. But you can help.

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WWF-Australia is part of the WWF International Network, the world's leading, independent conservation organisation. Founded in 1961 we are active in over 100 countries and have close to five million supporters globally. In Australia and throughout the oceanic region, we work with governments, businesses and communities so that people and nature can thrive. Join the fight to save our planet today by supporting WWF-Australia and giving a huge boost to our conservation work. Your tax-deductible gift is an investment in our planet now and for the future. Please give generously today - we'll put your gift to immediate use and send your receipt straight to your inbox.

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WWF works in partnership with a variety of organisations, communities and individuals to protect endangered species most in need. While we might focus our efforts on charismatic animals — like tigers, orangutans, snow leopards, koalas, rock-wallabies, black cockatoos, quolls and marine turtles— their protection enhances the survival of many other species. Entire landscapes and ecosystems benefit from our approach.




Amur tiger

 Panthera tigris altaica


 Great white shark

 Carcharodon carcharias



 Panthera onca

 Near Threatened 

 Asian elephant

 Elephas maximus indicus 


 Pygmy three-toed sloth

 Bradypus pygmaeus

 Critically Endangered


 Balaenoptera, Balaena, Eschrichtius, and Eubalaen



 Pongo abelii, Pongo pygmaeus

 Critically Endangered


 Dugong dugon


 African wild dog

 Lycaon pictus


 Eastern lowland gorilla

 Gorilla gorilla diehli

 Critically Endagered

 Giant Panda

 Ailuropoda melanoleuca


 Greater one-horned rhino

 Rhinoceros unicornis



 Phascolarctos cinereus


 Galapagos penguin

 Spheniscus mendiculus


 Polar bear

 Ursus maritimus


 Snow leopard

 Panthera uncia


 Sunda pangolin

 Manis javanica

 Critically Endangered



 Least Concern

 Yellowfin tuna 

 Thunnus albacares

 Near Threatened


 Hippopotamus amphibius



 Pan troglodytes


 Arctic fox

 Vulpes lagopus

 Least Concern


 Pan paniscus



 Phocoena sinus

Critically Endangered