Help support WWF’s Innovate to Regenerate Challenge and some of its most innovative ventures.

Finding the solutions that will make a difference

Re-imagining how to solve problems at scale means collaborating with Traditional Owners, local communities, governments, scientists, businesses and individuals. Everyone has a role to play as we work to Regenerate Australia.

Through Innovate to Regenerate, we have uncovered a range of exciting solutions that are helping to regenerate Australia, support communities and drive local economic development. As part of this, WWF-Australia will deploy $2 million in seed funding, and we invite you to become part of the coalition that backs the Innovate to Regenerate Challenge and its most innovative ventures. 

Together, we can develop and scale the solutions required to drive and amplify community-led regeneration. Donate today and help support WWF’s Innovate to Regenerate Challenges and its participating ventures. 

About Innovate to Regenerate

Inspired by the evocative vision laid out in the ‘Regenerating Australia’ film, we are supporting solutions that can reverse environmental damage and create a positive impact for people and the planet.

The Challenge supports and tests ideas at all stages of development. Solutions must deliver benefits to Australian communities and prioritise community participation. We’re especially interested in solutions that are community-led and solutions that integrate and support Indigenous-led knowledge.