Climate change defies international borders. It therefore demands an international response. Developing nations, especially, are increasingly looking to countries like Australia to assist their climate action. And WWF is stepping into the breach. The Climate Finance Roundtable brings together government representatives, financial institutions, financing specialists, non-government organisations and academics to discuss the opportunities and challenges that Australia faces in the sphere of international climate finance. We're building a shared understanding among diverse stakeholders and, most importantly, working out how we can make more effective and sizeable financial contributions from public and private sources.

The Roundtable looks to:

  • maximise the effectiveness of the existing contributions of Australian climate finance
  • improve Australia’s role in leveraging additional public, private and international sources of finance
  • build on Australia’s successes and lessons to date
  • deliver greater impact to developing countries in their efforts to adapt to, and mitigate against the effects of climate change.

To hear more about the Roundtable and how Australian businesses are doing their bit in the region please listen to our podcast – Climate Cash.

To find out more on the Roundtable, get in touch with Nat Burke, Senior Manager, Social Development at

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