Make a long-term impact on our long-term focus

The 2019-20 bushfires created the most catastrophic bushfire season our country has ever experienced. We lost so much and we’ll feel the impacts for years to come. It will take decades to recover the landscapes and animal populations that were decimated in the fires, but we have the right science-based solutions and we know what needs to be done to come back from this. It will not happen overnight and requires us all to work together over the next 20+ years to recover what was lost and future-proof our country. One incredibly vital way that you can be a part of this long-term vision is through leaving a gift in your Will. A gift in your Will now will have an important impact on our Regenerate Australia Program in the future. Regenerate Australia is the largest, most innovative wildlife and landscape regeneration program. Ever.

Thanks to the ongoing generosity of our supporters, we’re reimagining how to solve problems at scale, starting with a number of key projects including Towards Two Billion TreesRenewables Nation and Innovate to Regenerate. Knowing we have our supporters backing through gifts in their Wills in the future gives us confidence and security to commit to long-term projects. Gifts in Wills play an incredibly important role in the work that we do; 17% of the funds we directed towards conservation in FY20 came from those who left us a bequest. They allow us to forecast the scope of our work in years to come. Because Australian nature needs your vision.

Koala mother and her koala joey in a tree
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Your Bequest can defend Koalas Forever

One such project that your bequest can help support to completion, is on our Koalas Forever Project. With a goal of doubling koala numbers by 2050, leaving a gift in your Will to us now is a great way to make a difference to our iconic species in the future.

Aerial view tropical rainforest, forest tree texture and background.
Aerial view tropical rainforest © WWF-Australia / Kalyakan -

Three great reasons to give in your Will

  • Leaving a gift in your Will is a way to support the causes you care about without any cost to you now.
  • Join our Living Planet Legacy Society to receive special updates from WWF-Australia, including being invited to in-person events and to visit our work in-the-field.
  • You can still provide for your loved ones first, as any donation no matter the size (even 1% of your estate) will ensure your values live on.

Learn More

If you’d like to find out more about the impact your bequest can have on Regenerate Australia and all of our critical work, visit WWF's Gifts in Wills webpage. You can also contact Christine on 02 8000 0303 or email her at, and start a confidential conversation about your bequest to nature and wildlife. If you’re ready to make an impact right now, we’ve partnered with Gathered Here, an online free and easy step-by-step Will writing service. It can take less than 10 minutes to ensure your support of WWF continues to Regenerate Australia in the future.

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