A tiger is laying on the ground while her cub sits alongside her and looks towards the camera.
Tigress and cub (Panthera tigris) in Ranthambore Tiger Reserve, India. © Shutterstock / Bhasmang Mehta / WWF International

Adopt a tiger

Daily threats continue to threaten tigers' survival. Their body parts are in relentless demand, leaving them in constant danger of illegal poaching. An estimated 95% of their habitat has been destroyed, their forest homes cleared for agriculture, timber and road building. By adopting a tiger today, you could help tackle the daily dangers they face and help their population thrive.


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Adopt an endangered animal today to support our essential conservation work. 

Whether it's for yourself or as a gift, your symbolic adoption ensures these spectacular species remain part of our environment forever.  

You'll receive a gift pack including a cuddly plush toy, factbook, adoption certificate, Living Planet magazine and WWF sticker.  

You’ll also receive updates on how your generous gift is helping to conserve and protect our precious wildlife. 

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