WWF’s global mission is to stop the degradation of the planet’s natural environment and to build a future in which humans live in harmony with nature. WWF-Australia is part of the WWF International Network, the world’s leading, independent conservation organisation.

Founded in 1961 we are active in over 100 countries and have close to five million supporters internationally. In Australia and throughout the Oceanic region, we work with governments, businesses and communities to build a future that benefits nature and people.

WWF focuses on catalysing change in these areas

WWF-Australia works

At the intersection of nature, communities and climate

Our solutions will deliver at the nexus of: nature and wildlife, communities, and climate impact - recognising the intersectionality of these three elements for a regenerative future.

From local to global-global to local levels

Our solutions blend local community knowledge with a mindset for global impact and transformation with speed and scale.

As a catalyst for sector transformation

Our solutions seek to influence and transform sector-wide priorities in a way that galvanises regenerative impact in line with systems thinking.

WWF-Australia's mission

Together, we will restore and regenerate areas of Sky, Country and Saltwater in ways that will allow nature to heal. With the Knowledge and traditions of First Peoples and local communities, we can bring change on a global scale for climate, nature and people.

How we'll achieve this

Regenerate Nature by 2030 is our bold strategy to restore and regenerate our planet for everything that calls it home. Sky, Country and Saltwater are our three pillars of work - inspired by our Knowledge exchange on Girramay Country with Indigenous Elders, rangers and community.