Australian Nature needs your support.

An environmental tragedy of unparalleled proportions is unfolding across Australia.

In recent years, we have seen and lived through devastating wildfires and floods, record-breaking temperatures, multiple mass coral bleaching events on the Great Barrier Reef, rampant deforestation, and the highest rate of mammal extinction in the world.

You can help take the urgent action needed.

It will take all of us working together with our Aussie spirit of rolled-up sleeves and resilience to protect what’s left and restore what we’ve lost. Together, we can rehabilitate, repopulate and restore wildlife and habitats and build Australia’s resilience against climate disasters.

Help deliver high-impact, innovative, sustainable solutions to help Australian nature recover and thrive.

Join us today as a Regenerate Australia Champion to play your part in our country’s largest, most innovative wildlife and landscape regeneration program.

How your donation can help

An injured wombat that suffered burns and a collapsed lung due to smoke inhalation from the bushfires in care with Wildcare in Carwoola, NSW.

Protect our native species from the threats pushing them to extinction and causing them harm.

Increase the capacity of wildlife hospitals so more injured animals survive.

Koala (Phascolarctos cinereus) in a tree

Restore and protect habitats to halt biodiversity loss and support a stable climate.

Drive campaigns strengthening laws to protect critical native forests.


Innovate impactful solutions to reduce the stress of climate change and its effects on wildlife.

Restore large areas of habitat using innovative drone seeding technology.

Swamp wallaby joey with carer
Swamp wallaby joey with carer © WWF-Australia / Leonie Sii

Our promise

When you donate today, you’ll be playing a critical role in the largest wildlife and landscape regeneration program in our country’s history. Together with our partners, Traditional Owners, scientists, wildlife carers, local communities and governments, you’ll be helping us deliver innovative and effective programs to help Australian nature not only recover in the short-term, but to thrive in the long-term as well. We’ll keep you updated on your incredible impact, and remember you’re always in control of how you’d like to hear from us.

How else can you help Regenerate Australia?