You can help pull koalas back from the brink of extinction

IT’S OFFICIAL. East coast koalas are ENDANGERED. The time to act is NOW before they’re lost forever.

Your support is critical to their survival

Habitat loss is koalas’ number one threat. Australia is one of the world’s worst deforestation offenders – tearing down tens-of-millions of trees each year. The effects of climate change are only making a bad situation worse. Extreme weather events, such as intense bushfire and floods, pose significant danger to koalas’ survival. The stress of losing their homes also makes them more susceptible to koala Chlamydia, which can cause blindness, infertility, and death.

The fact that the conservation status of east coast koalas has been uplisted from vulnerable to ENDANGERED is devastating news. It’s official recognition that they are now one step closer to EXTINCTION. But it is a critical step in getting koalas the stronger protections that they so desperately need to survive.

Please make your urgent tax-deductible donation today. As part of Koalas Forever, your support will help DOUBLE east coast koalas by 2050 by protecting and restoring habitat, creating koala safe havens and boosting the health of our remaining populations.

Donate today to help Regenerate Australia and double the number of wild koalas on our east coast by 2050.

How you can help protect koalas against deforestation, the effects of climate change and koala Chlamydia

Together we CAN save them from extinction, and make sure we all have Koalas Forever with these three exciting projects:

Create new koala safe havens

Koalas rely on trees for food, shelter, and overall survival. Yet habitat loss is their biggest threat. You could help to restore up to 500 hectares of bushland through strategic management, including Cultural burning, fencing, weeding and pest control. This will not only give koalas a fighting chance but also protect other at-risk species too, including the greater glider, platypus, regent honeyeater, and the grey-headed flying fox.

Restore critical corridors – fast

Wildlife corridors connect habitats allowing koalas to move safely between them to feed and breed. As part of this koala rescue plan, your incredible support could help plant 150,000 new trees and shrubs across private properties. By strategically reconnecting islands of vegetation they can once again function as large forests, allowing koalas and other wildlife to move safely through the landscape.

Protect koalas against disease

The stress of losing their homes makes koalas more susceptible to deadly koala Chlamydia. You could help to improve the health of koala populations by increasing the number of vaccinated animals in the wild and monitor vaccinated koalas. Your support can help minimise the impact of Chlamydia on koala populations and ensure they don’t suffer preventable blindness, infertility or death.

Our koalas really need someone to take care of them, to advocate for them, to protect their health and well-being, and set them up for success when released back into the wild where they belong.

Dr Prishani Vengetas, Vet and Wildlife Recovery Project Coordinator

Our koalas are loved and admired the world over. We have a responsibility to safeguard these unique animals and their forests. Their future is in our hands.

You can help give them the urgent protection they need. Please donate today to ensure that we all have Koalas Forever.