Regenerative Saltwater is our program of work to protect oceans and species in the southern hemisphere.

Learn about our goal to Regenerate Nature by 2030 here.

Our oceans are under pressure from a myriad of threats. Climate change, destructive fishing like gill netting, unsustainable demand for seafood, plastic pollution, growing ship traffic and industrial development are impacting the marine ecosystem.

In our Asia-Pacific region, we’ve already lost half our coral reefs and mangroves − some of the most productive habitats on Earth. We’ve pushed many crucial fish stocks to the point of collapse, threatening people’s livelihoods and food security – and harming other species, including whales, turtles, and dolphins. We now have a moment to safeguard and recover our oceans by rallying the region to protect southern hemisphere oceans.

A dugong (Dugong dugon) swimming in the sea
© / WWF

Our vision

Our vision is for Australia to become a global leader in protecting our oceans and species that sustain ecosystems and communities.

How we'll achieve this vision

We are uniting the Asia-Pacific to safeguard our oceans and livelihoods, create safe passages for marine wildlife and support coastal communities.
Green turtle (Chelonia mydas) swimming over coral
© / WWF

Protecting 100 million hectares of ocean

By working with our neighbouring countries in the Asia-Pacific region to support efforts to protect 30% of our shared oceans by 2030 and partnering with First Peoples, governments, industry and coastal communities to protect seascapes and Saltwater Country. 


Safeguarding whale superhighways

By increasing local, regional, federal and global-level advocacy to help establish blue superhighways that protect and connect critical habitats and migration corridors of whales and dolphins.

We aim to do so while recognising the critical role Traditional Owners and local communities play in protecting and managing the marine environment and supporting their aspirations to do so.

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