Imagine bringing your community together for a workshop to explore a vision of a regenerative future and identify potential projects to regenerate the local area. 

What's your vision?

Our Community Vision is a thoughtfully designed program involves a screening of the Regenerating Australia short film and a series of facilitated group discussions with small to medium-sized groups of 25 community members to generate ideas for a regenerative future for their local area. 

The workshop, which takes approximately 2-3 hours, is designed to: 

  • Build relationships and connectivity to each other and to your place; 
  • Create the space for participants to imagine “our community vision” and share it with others 
  • Explore the potential for regeneration and identify regenerative projects for your local area. 
Gippsland learning Lab
Gippsland learning Lab © Sean Jackson

The highlights

Over the last 12 months we've seen communities come together to explore their vision for a regenerative future. Key highlights include:

  • 700+ people have attended Our Community Vision workshops around the country, sparking connections and ideas for regeneration within communities. 
  • Workshops have ranged from a small group of 16 in regional Queensland, to a large group of 270 in Sydney NSW 
  • Organisations like Climate for Change and Sydney Alliance have begun to integrate the workshop into their suite of community activation offerings around climate change decarbonisation, and nature restoration 
  • Community Vision workshops have been hosted for large corporations in Australia including Macquarie Bank, Unilever, and through Vivid Sydney Festival 2023. 


What do partners say about the resource kit and support?

Suzanne Mungall, Climate for Change Leader in Queensland, has led three workshops in her community of Kingaroy, including an environmental interest group (16 people), a diverse group of community leaders (50 people), and a workshop for families with school age children (30 people). Suzanne has this to say about the workshop (2023): 

“I am loving the Community Visioning Workshop and the resources attached... To get the necessary changes happening we need all communities on board and thus I am pleased to find a workshop which is informative, flexible and above all inspirational. I know great things will happen because of this workshop. Here's to the future!”

Suzanne Mungall

Want to host a workshop?

If you would like to host the workshop, access the comprehensive guide from WWF-Australia below and bring your community together to envision a regenerative future.