2 Dec 2019


Every tree is a home. And within every tree is a story that spans generations.

Trees provide so many benefits - not only for us but also for other species we share the Earth with.

Our Australian trees are no different. Our native forests are home to unique wildlife found nowhere else on Earth, like koalas, possums, cockatoos, bees, and more!

Every part of a tree - from the roots to the branches, the bark to the leaves - give shelter, food and safety for so many species. For example, our Australian gum trees produce leaves that koalas eat to survive, pollen and nectar that bees take to pollinate other plants, fruits and seeds for bats and birds to eat, and insects that reptiles feed on.

Secret Life of a Tree
Secret Life of a Tree © WWF-Aus / Seeta Roy

There are trees on our Earth that have lived for thousands of years - imagine the stories these trees could tell if they could talk!

Seeta Roy is a digital illustrator based in Sydney, Australia. Seeta’s work is grounded in her love for nature and its wildlife and is passionate about the environment and animal welfare. As evident in her bold colour palette and the subtle 'pop art' feel of her work, Seeta draws inspiration from her love for mid-century illustration and design.

Follow her on Instagram @seetaroy.

Seeta Roy - Illustrator
© Seeta Roy