3 May 2022


We're debating over our favourite looks from this year's Met Gala and it's got us thinking - can birds do it better? We'll let you decide! Here's a look at some of our favourite fashionable feathered friends. 

The best way to attract a mate is wearing the right plumage, we all know that. You can have the prettiest song on Earth but if you can’t dress it up… forget it. It’s fa-fa-fa-fa-fashion time for the brightest stars in our skies. So let’s take a look-see at what some of our backyard beauties are wearing this season!

The satin bower bird

Satin bowerbird
© Holgi via Pixabay

We all know that satin is not always our friend. It crushes and wrinkles and… urggh, someone stop me. But not when it comes to this fine fellow. He’s so intense. The male has striking glossy blue-black plumage, a pale bluish-white bill and a violet-blue iris. And boy does he know how to dress up a home! Bits of string and marbles and glass and flowers and other birds beautiful feathers and pens and matchboxes - he sure knows the way to a girl’s heart. 

The Gouldian finch

Gouldian finch
© David Clode via Unsplash

Rainbow colours are always in! No different this season because this little Aussie finch knows how to work-it. Greens, yellows, purples, blacks, my eyes are spinning, in a good way, just thinking of the colour palette. And how they paint the sky, I could cry. 

The eastern rosella

Eastern rosella
© David Clode via Unsplash

They are like a prism, a spectrum with their bright red heads and necks, their cheeks of white, their back and wing feathers black and tastefully edged with yellow-green or just yellow. And then, how dare they be so gorgeous… their flight feathers are blue! True.

The king parrot

King parrot
© David Clode via Unsplash

Bright red head, chest and undercarriage with a cloak of Lincoln green - that’s the male. But both sexes have red-feathered bellies and a green back, with green wings and a long green tail. Forest green. Could it be the new black?

The azure kingfisher

Azure kingfisher
© Qgadrian via Pixabay

Glorious cousin to our beloved kookaburra, this bird’s bill is black and dresses in a short tail. The head, neck, upperparts and breast sides are deep azure blue with a violet (purplish) sheen. The neck has a distinctive orange stripe on each side and there is a small orange spot before each eye. The throat is pale orange-white, grading to orange-reddish on belly and undertail. The flanks and sides of the breast are washed purple to violet. The legs and feet are painted red. Someone hand me my sunglasses.

The splendid fairy wren

Shades of blue with a little black band across the forehead. Gorgeous. And that’s the male! He puts it down to good diet, health and fitness. This season the girls are wearing a fawn body with a blue tail. Splendid, subtle, understated. 

The black swan

Black swan
© Sarah Kilian via Unsplash

OMG. It’s like a little black dress with wings. And that red bill, just a splash. Tasteful, elegant, done.

The southern cassowary

Southern cassowary
Southern cassowary © Mikhail Nilov via Pexels (1000px) © Mikhail Nilov via Pexels

What is she wearing on her head? A brown crown. But it’s what’s below that counts. Forget the feathers, they’re long and black and hairlike. This one’s about the skin markings. The bare skin of the head and fore-neck is blue, while the rear of the neck is red. An outrageous statement!

Chestnut Teal

It does what it says on the packet! Chestnut and teal together, sublime, a sort of dream. And to mix it up a black undertail with contrasting white patch. Mother Nature knew exactly what she was doing with this one.

The galah

© Alex Eckermann via Unsplash

Pink and grey hues. Enough said. September pastels are in but look out because this bird is tasteful all year round.