24 Mar 2020


In this time of unprecedented change; we are reminded more than ever of the simple fact of our daily lives; that we are all connected and united on our one beautiful planet.

At this time, solidarity is what we need. Only a few months ago the bushfire crisis brought us closer together as a community. We were reminded then, as we are now, that the only way to come out of this stronger is by supporting each other.

Connections matter. Kindness matters. People and nature matter.

We were also reminded then that it’s important to be positive, despite the loss and hardships that are likely to happen over the coming months. We can, and we must collectively emerge better-equipped to tackle the global challenges we all face, and create a world where we all thrive.

What WWF-Australia is doing to contribute to Australia’s national response to COVID-19

WWF-Australia has put in place plans to ensure that we all remain connected, even while we are physically separated. Our immediate priority for the first half of March has been the health and well-being of our teams, our families, and the partners we work with.

We are fortunate to be in a position where we can move our operations to remote working and practice physical distancing to do our bit to flatten Australia’s COVID-19 curve.

Commencing Monday March 23, WWF-Australia has implemented a Work-From-Home policy until further notice. We are using technology to keep our teams and our supporters connected in order to minimise the interruption to our conservation work. This will enable us to continue to manage and deliver the important projects our supporters have allowed us to scale over many years - whether that is on-the-ground conservation work, or in changing policies and practices.

Our Supporter Relations team is still available on 1800 032 551 or via email at hello@wwf.org.au if you have any questions for us. While there are some things that will take a bit longer than normal at this time, the team is committed to working to help you however they can.

This is being done to keep us focused on our mission of creating a world in which humans live in harmony with nature. Our work will go on. We will not stop standing up for the planet. However, for the time being we will be doing it virtually, with your support. 

Platforms that help you connect with others for the planet

For the coming weeks or months, we are working to ensure we can stay connected as a community, and looking for positive ways we can contribute to human well-being and saving wildlife.

The first big way we are doing this is taking Earth Hour 2020 100% online. As we all practice physical distancing to flatten the curve of COVID-19, at 8.30pm local time, Saturday 28 March, tune into earthhour.org.au for #EarthHourLive where we’ll be streaming lights out from around the country, and presenting a great line-up of music, comedy, special guests and more.

Join us in spending your Saturday night connecting with a community of amazing people from around Australia (and the world) who are passionate about saving our planet.

Also, if you haven't done so already, please sign-up to WWF on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for amazing stories from Australia and around the world. You may be at home, but you can still be inspired by the incredible beauty and wonder of the natural world.

We are always so grateful for your support

At WWF-Australia, our work is powered by hundreds of thousands of people who chip in to support us to protect this country's nature and wildlife. We are indebted to every supporter who helps us with that task and we'll continue to find ways to deliver on that mission in the months ahead. We are not going to stop, in fact we are looking at how we can do more.

This work of building a future where people and nature thrive has never been more important. While devastating bushfires rocked our nation, people came together to support each other and contribute in whatever way they could. They said; “we will build back stronger after this” - and we will. Now, though we are faced with a new challenge in COVID-19, the path forward requires a similar mindset. As individuals, as families and as communities we must practice compassion, and look out for one another.

Finally, to all supporters, please look after yourselves and your loved ones. We consider you part of the global WWF family. Let’s make sure that being physically distant doesn’t mean losing social connection, nor our connection to our planet that sustains us all.

Dermot O’Gorman, WWF-Australia CEO