You can play a vital role in Regenerating Australia.

Philanthropic supporters are vital to our work

As a community of individuals strongly committed to joining forces to help Regenerate Australia, your support to help rehabilitate and restore wildlife and habitats and future-proof Australia against climate disasters has never been more crucial.

Philanthropic Partners is an exclusive community that brings you closer to the work your exceptional generosity supports. 

Together, we are reimagining the future, joining forces to deliver strategic programs across the country that seek to solve some of the most challenging problems of our time.

Our Philanthropic supporters' investment in our strategic programs help ensure their success. Read about some of our amazing supporters here, and what inspired them to partner with us. 

Becoming a Philanthropic Partner

Through a philanthropic partnership you can achieve direct impact and see tangible results in areas of conservation you are passionate about.

Our partnership models support both multi-year investments in key projects, offering long-term planning to achieve strategic conservation outcomes; as well as short-term projects, allowing immediate on-the-ground support in the case of emergencies or unique opportunities for investment.

For more information on how you can protect and support the species, ecosystems and people you are passionate about please contact us today. 

How you can help


PROTECT our native species from the threats pushing them to extinction and causing them harm.

Increase the capacity of wildlife hospitals so more injured animals survive.

Koala dozes in a tree
© Jordan Whitt / Unsplash

RESTORE and protect habitats to halt biodiversity loss and support a stable climate.

Drive campaigns strengthening laws to protect critical native forests


INNOVATE impactful solutions to reduce the stress of climate change and its effects on wildlife.

Restore large areas of habitat using innovative drone seeding technology.