Your gift today will help save vulnerable wildlife by protecting and restoring their forest homes.

Will you help save my home?

When the trees are gone, where will the native animals live? Where will they be safe? How will they survive?

Your gift today will help save vulnerable wildlife by protecting and restoring their forest homes.

The animals you love are in crisis because they are losing the trees and forest they call home. Their forest homes are being relentlessly torn down by chainsaws and bulldozers, as tree-clearing escalates across Australia.

And when their trees are destroyed, the impact is deadly. It’s one of the greatest threats to our wildlife’s survival. Precious animals like the greater glider, black cockatoo, koala and quoll who are now listed as endangered or vulnerable are struggling to survive.

From dens and burrows at their roots, to hollows in their trunks and nests in the tips of their tallest branches, trees provide critical safe shelter and a home for so many animals.

With millions of trees being torn down each year, native animals are in a desperate fight for their lives.

Without you it’s a fight they can’t win.

Please donate today to help save precious trees – because saving trees is saving lives. Every one is a cherished home for beautiful wildlife.    

Community Tree Planting at Cook Reserve Ruse, Campelltown


which could help plant more trees, creating more precious homes for thousands of native animals.

Dr Kita Ashman from WWF-Australia with a greater glider nest box in Tallaganda National Park, NSW


which could help install more specialist nest boxes – vital for greater gliders to shelter and breed.  

Aerial image of a bulldozer clearing trees for an urban expansion near Ipswich, southeast Queensland


which could help advocate for stronger national laws to protect habitat and prevent unsustainable logging. 

Trees are essential to turning the extinction crisis around.  

No trees = no native wildlife. It’s as simple as that.

However, it’s not only wildlife that depend on trees for their survival.

We do too: from the air we breathe to rain for crops, trees are also essential to our lives and livelihoods. Native trees help protect from floods, prevent soil erosion, and mitigate climate change. Yet forests are disappearing at alarming rates.  

Native forests are among Australia’s most precious natural assets – but the pace of their destruction is staggering. 

Your kind gift today could: 

  • STOP tree-clearing by engaging businesses to remove native animal habitat from their supply chains.  
  • PROTECT habitats by advocating for stronger policy to prevent unsustainable logging.  
  • RESTORE habitats by growing more trees and installing custom nest boxes to support animals.  

Please help protect our wildlife.

Your donation today can help save our native species by protecting and restoring their forest homes before they are gone forever.  Please make your life-saving gift today.