30 Nov 2015


Today world leaders gathered in Paris on a wave of historic momentum in the fight against climate change. An unprecedented 150 Heads of State will stand up and speak about climate change, demonstrating Climate Change is clearly at the top of the political agenda.

Prime Minister Turnbull announced three new commitments including ratifying the second commitment period of Kyoto protocol, doubling clean technology R&D by 2020, and additional climate finance for vulnerable countries.

WWF welcomes the announcements as useful steps towards tackling the global problem of climate change, but Australia can and should do more, with current technology, as part of its fair share to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees. 

Kellie Caught, National Manager Climate Change WWF-Australia, said:

Ratification of Second Commitment Period of Kyoto Protocol

“WWF welcomes Australia’s announcement to ratify the second commitment period of the Kyoto protocol, this will help build trust in the international negotiations."

“WWF is calling on the government to use ratification as an opportunity to formally increase Australia’s 2020 carbon pollution reduction target, after the PM said Australia will meet and beat the target."

“Research by ClimateWorks, shows Australia can increase its pollution reduction target to 25% by 2020 (on 2000 levels) based on current technology."

Doubling Investment in R&D by 2020 as part of Mission Innovation

“WWF welcomes the Prime Minister’s announcement to double clean energy research and development by 2020, which will be essential in moving Australia toward a zero carbon future."

“We can also be doing more now with current technology and would like to also see additional policies, like a price and limit on carbon pollution, to drive investment in current technology like wind and solar to transition our electricity sector to 100% renewable energy."

“The world is already well down the path on the inevitable transition to clean energy, with billions of dollars being invested every month. If Australia doesn’t get on board today, we will be left behind.”

Climate Finance $1 billion over 5 years (not additional to aid budget)

“WWF is encouraged that the Australian government has recognised the importance of supporting developing countries to build resilience to climate change and avoid carbon pollution, in announcing an additional $1 billion of climate finance over 5 years."

“However, WWF is disappointed that the funds committed today is not scaling up from previous years and will be drawn from an already diminished aid budget."

“Climate change is an additional challenge for communities and requires additional funding."

“Australia’s contribution is far less than comparable countries including Canada, UK, Germany and France have recently committed to providing, and falls significantly short of the AU$1.6 bn per year by 2020 that WWF is calling for.”

WWF-Australia Media Contacts:

In Paris: Samantha Webb, Climate Change Communications Manager, +61 (0)432 388 041, swebb@wwf.org.au 

In Australia: Charlie Stevens, Senior Communications Specialist, or Daniel Rockett, National Media Manager