2 June 2016


According to the ABC, a leaked report prepared for the Queensland Government, estimates it will cost $16 billion to stop the water pollution harming the Great Barrier Reef.

The ABC today published details of a leaked copy of the report which was written by economic and water quality experts.

“This report must jolt the main political parties into lifting their investments to secure the Reef’s future,” said WWF-Australia spokesperson Nick Heath.

“The costings estimate hits the reset button on the whole issue of Reef funding."

“The money pledged so far by both sides of politics falls far short of what’s required,” he said.

“This is not just an investment in the future of the Reef it will provide a major boost to the agricultural and tourism industry – securing the jobs and economic benefits they bring to regional Queensland."

Mr Heath said there was precedent in Australia for a rescue package of this magnitude.

“Australia is spending almost $13 billion on the Murray-Darling Basin."

“The Reef is a national treasure - the jewel in the crown of Australia’s tourism industry."

“It must have a similar-sized rescue package to the Murray-Darling Basin,” he said. 

“The Reef is an asset which brings $6 billion a year to the economy and 70,000 jobs – this level of investment is simply good business.”

WWF-Australia Media Contact: Mark Symons, Senior Media Officer, 0400 985 571, msymons@wwf.org.au