12 Jan 2017


Statement of WWF-Australia CEO Dermot O’Gorman

WWF-Australia is saddened to hear that James Fairfax has passed away.

James Fairfax was passionate about protecting endangered wildlife and helped shape the future of conservation in Australia.

James Fairfax has always been a significant member of WWF-Australia since its establishment in 1978, and served as a WWF Trustee in the 1980s.

James was also a generous financial supporter for 38 years, donating millions of dollars to WWF-Australia’s protection of threatened species, in particular Australian mammals and birdlife.

In more recent years his support was vital in the conservation of threatened species in Southwest Australia, including the endangered woylie (brush-tailed bettong), black-flanked rock-wallabies, and quendas.

Australia’s wildlife and special places face many challenges, but I know that the passion and generosity of James Fairfax has made a significant difference to their survival. It is a legacy to be shared by all Australians. 

Woylie (brush-tailed bettong= Bettongia ogilbyi) in hands. Western Australia
Woylie (brush-tailed bettong, Bettongia ogilbyi) in hands. Western Australia © Sabrina Trocini / WWF-Aus

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