24 Feb 2020


The World Wide Fund for Nature-Australia has welcomed a proposal to introduce a container deposit scheme in Victoria and urged for it to be implemented as soon as possible.

The Victorian Government today announced it will implement a cash-for-cans and bottles scheme by 2023. Victoria had been the only state or territory in Australia without a container deposit scheme.

WWF-Australia’s No Plastics in Nature Policy Manager, Katinka Day said the announcement was encouraging and long overdue.

“We’re pleased to see Victoria finally catch-up with the rest of Australia and announce a plan to tackle plastic beverage litter. Australians want to end the devastating cycle of plastic leakage into our oceans and recovering plastic bottles through a refund scheme will have a significant impact,” said Ms Day.

“Container deposit schemes have proven to be a popular and extremely effective tool at increasing recycling rates and reducing marine litter. WWF-Australia estimates that existing schemes across Australia have collected at least four billion bottles.”

Today’s announcement will see Victoria move out of last place and leapfrog NSW in WWF-Australia’s plastics scorecard, which rates the performance of states and territories in tackling single-use plastics.

“It’s great to see Victoria moving in the right direction, but the government needs to do much more to solve the state’s waste crisis,” said Ms Day.

“Victoria must take action on some of the worst single-use plastic items such as plastic straws, utensils and plates. These items are already being addressed by Queensland, South Australia and the ACT and it’s time for Victoria to catch up.”