Each adoption helps support WWF’s essential conservation work and is a symbol of your compassion for all endangered species and their homes, locally and globally.

Help save endangered species

Across our planet, billions of animals face daily threats to their lives, caused by dangers such as excessive deforestation, habitat loss and climate change. Unless we make changes now, we’ll soon lose the animals and plants that make our planet so unique.

By adopting an animal with WWF today, you can help safeguard the home, food and safety for vulnerable species locally and globally. Your adoption is a symbol of your compassion for all species on our planet. Your special adoption gift pack includes a cuddly plush toy of your choice, fact book, adoption certificate, Living Planet magazine and WWF sticker.

You’ll also receive regular updates on how your generous support is making a difference. A WWF animal adoption also makes the perfect gift for any animal lover, and is a great way to inspire friends, family and loved ones to care for nature as much as you do!

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