6 Dec 2017


There are only 67 Javan rhinos left on Earth. There’s so little known about these rare species of rhinoceros, and sadly they’ve become critically endangered. Once widespread throughout Southeast Asia, they now only exist in Ujung Kulon National Park in southwest Java, Indonesia.

Here’s 10 things we do know:

  1. All 67 Javan rhinos have names – one of them is called Rawing!
  2. They’re heavy animals, weighing up to 2.3 tonnes.
  3. They live to around 30-45 years in the wild.
  4. They’re herbivorous, only eating plants.
  5. They’re solitary animals, except for mating pairs and mothers with young.
  6. They’re the second largest animal in Indonesia after the Asian elephant.
  7. Male Javan rhinos mark their territories with dung piles and by spraying urine.
  8. Scrapes made by their feet in the ground and twisted saplings seem to be used for communication.
  9. The cause of their population decline has mainly been caused by poaching due to excessive demand for rhino horn and medicine. Poaching ultimately wiped out the species in Vietnam.
  10. Their food source in Ujung Kulon National Park is being taken over by out-of-control the invasive Arenga palm, but WWF-Australia is currently working to change that.

Can you spot the difference between the different species of rhinoceros?

Rhino spot the difference
© WWF-Aus / Stef Mercurio

You can help keep the remaining 67 Javan rhinos alive. Click here to make a donation today – your support will help fund the plantation of rhino food, patrol units and sensor cameras to monitor these beautiful animals.