2 June 2020


The average Australian, working full-time, spends around 38-42 hours per week at work and for some of us, even more. For many of us our home has also become our workplace and we’re learning more than ever, just how important it is to get outside, connect with nature and enjoy the feelings of well-being that come with doing so. 

In a world where we are having to change the way we work, it’s becoming increasingly important that employer’s organisational values reflect that of their employees. For many, that means providing a way to support the causes they care about.

Somewhat unique to Australia, workplace giving is a simple yet powerful way for employees to make regular donations, direct from their pay. These contributions help WWF-Australia conserve the nation’s unique flora and fauna habitats, and build a future where humans live in harmony with nature.

June is the halfway point of what has been a difficult year for all, it’s also Workplace Giving Month and alongside our partners, WWF-Australia is trying even harder than ever to protect our beautiful Aussie species and their habitats so that we can continue to enjoy them now and into the future.  

To celebrate, we’ve put together the top five reasons why we love this great program:

  1. Employees enjoy giving small, pre-tax donations to make a big difference.
  2. Employers value how workplace giving programs bring organisational values to life, boost employee morale and improve staff retention rates.
  3. Workplace giving contributions help WWF-Australia gain long-term, stable funding for our vital conservation projects.
  4. Donations made pre-tax mean a tax benefit for employees and employers, with all donations being handled securely via payroll or your chosen workplace giving platform.
  5. Employees can choose how to communicate with us. We’ll send relevant updates about the impact of your donation or you can choose to remain completely anonymous if you prefer.

Considering the amount of time we spend in the office, or now perhaps during the current pandemic isolation - in your home office, having a simple and easy way to support the causes you care about at work is important. If you’d like to learn more about WWF-Australia’s workplace giving program or make a workplace giving donation, contact Ariahne Thompson at workplacegiving@wwf.org.au