30 Jan 2024


Dominic Pinfield kicked off 2024 by cycling solo from Queensland’s Gold Coast to Victoria, a journey of around 2,000 kilometres, to raise money for WWF-Australia's critical conservation efforts.

Dominic is a lifelong animal lover and nature enthusiast from Birmingham, UK. Last year, he made the big move to Australia, where soon after, he hatched the plan to attempt the mammoth bike ride along Australia’s east coast to raise awareness and fundraise to protect nature. Though Dominic did not have experience with long-distance solo cycling trips, his determination and care for the planet powered him forward.

© Dominic Pinfield

Dominic kicked off his charity bike ride from the gorgeous beaches of the Gold Coast, setting out with excitement to make a positive impact. When asked what motivated him to take on this huge cycling challenge, Dominic said, "Just having a passion for animals, wildlife and nature inspires me. Also, I wanted adventure and needed to do something that tested me mentally and physically." The physical exertion was difficult, but Dominic found inspiration in the wildlife he spotted along the route. When asked what his highlights were, he said, "Travelling through all the beautiful landscapes and seeing many animals and wildlife such as echidnas, kangaroos, reptiles and thousands of bats coming out of the trees when the sun was setting.” In addition to Australia's natural beauty, Dominic also received overwhelming support from local communities at rest stops along his route. From small country towns to camping grounds, Dominic was met with encouragement and cheers urging him onwards. He recalled, "On the road, farmers gave me water and fruit while I was riding past. People cooked me food, there were barbecues on campsites. I had people donating money to WWF while I was riding as well. Plus, I also received a lot of support through social media, including local people following the journey.” However, around 70km outside of Sydney, Dominic hit a hurdle. He was involved in an accident that left his bike badly damaged and rendered it unrideable. Thankfully, Dominic wasn’t injured. For a moment, his journey seemed finished. But after taking an hour to make temporary roadside repairs, Dominic persevered to Sydney. Later, he reflected on his determination even after the accident, "Just knowing that I was raising money for charity, and that this was something bigger than me kept me really motivated. Plus knowing that Sydney wasn't the end. I knew that I had a lot more to give. So, I wasn't going to give up." After proper bike repairs in Sydney, Dominic resumed his epic ride, opting for the more scenic coastal route from Sydney to Victoria. Pedalling south, Dominic passed through the natural wonders of Booderee National Park, where conservation efforts are underway to reintroduce the eastern quoll. He also stopped by stunning Hyams Beach, with its white sands and turquoise waters. However, the picturesque route proved demanding as Dominic battled continuous steep climbs along the coast. As the finish line approached, Dominic was faced with a wave of motivation to keep pressing through the night to complete his journey. Channelling this drive, Dominic cycled straight through until reaching St Kilda in Melbourne just after 5 am, nearly three weeks after beginning his trip from the Gold Coast! Crossing the finish line filled Dominic with immense pride in overcoming all obstacles to complete his charity ride for nature.

© WWF-Australia

When asked what advice he would give others considering a similar fundraiser, Dominic offered wisdom gained from his experience: "Step outside your comfort zone, do something that challenges you, because you're going to find out a lot more about yourself and look at life in a different way. You see the smaller things in life and live in the moment. And doing something selfless is really rewarding.” Dominic showed incredible courage, passion and resilience in cycling thousands of kilometres across Australia to support wildlife conservation. His selfless efforts will go a long way to protect the country's threatened species and habitats. Dominic inspires us to realise that one person can make a real difference when they act for the environment. Thanks to the generosity of our community, Dominic has raised over $2.5K for nature. If you’d like to support the amazing Dominic’s ongoing cause, click the button below.

Feeling inspired by Dominic’s story? Why not consider joining Challenge 60 and take on your own active challenge for 60 minutes a day from 1-23 March. If exercise isn't your thing you can fundraise by doing your own thing here.