4 Dec 2023


Did you know every signature and donation to WWF-Australia makes a difference? 

Together, our voices create real impact and support vital on-ground work to protect our wildlife and their homes. Follow the journey of incredible work to help stop devastating logging in Tallaganda State Forest, NSW.

Working with Wilderness Australia and South East Forest Rescue, we’ve managed to protect the endangered greater glider for now by keeping the bulldozers out of Tallaganda State Forest since 30 August!

See the story below of what has been achieved so far. Help us to keep Tallaganda State Forest permanently protected by taking action today.


Following the 2019-20 bushfires, thanks to our supporters, we installed nest boxes for greater gliders in Tallaganda National Park in NSW to assist in their recovery.

Dr Kita Ashman from WWF-Australia with a greater glider nest box in Tallaganda National Park, NSW
Dr Kita Ashman from WWF-Australia with a greater glider nest box in Tallaganda National Park, NSW © WWF-Australia / Tim Clark

August 2023

We discovered Forestry Corporation of NSW’s logging operations in Tallaganda State Forest, close to the nest box sites.  Alongside our partners, we wrote to the NSW Government’s Forestry Corporation and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), calling for an immediate cease to the devastating logging.


August 29, 2023

Thousands of supporters took action, calling on state and federal politicians to intervene. 

August 30, 2023

This outcry sparked an investigation by the EPA - who tragically discovered a deceased glider less than 50 metres from the logging site when they arrived. 

A Stop Work Order was issued to the Forestry Corporation of NSW for 40 days.

September 2023

Donations helped to send WWF’s Dr Kita Ashman to survey near the site with our partners and discovered 17 den trees in less than four hours.

Forestry Corporation of NSW had only identified one.


After this discovery, the Stop Work Order was extended until 13 November.

Our collective action to save the gliders captured the attention of the media and politicians across Australia. 

November 2023

We released a report with our partners estimating that the Forestry Corporation of NSW may have breached regulations more than 1,200 times in Tallaganda. The Stop Work Order has now been extended until 20 December.  

Dr Kita Ashman among the destroyed greater glider habitat in Tallaganda State Forest

What now?

We need stronger nature laws that protect wildlife like the greater glider and ensure an end to native forest logging across Australia. 

We’re continuing to work on-ground to protect Tallaganda State Forest and forests just like it from logging. Your voice and donations make a difference.