27 Mar 2017


Motivated by the efforts of wildlife supporters like you, 11-year-old Olivia and Lisa threw themselves into raising money for endangered animals.

Primary school students Olivia and Lisa couldn’t count the hours they spent making bracelets, keyrings and loom band creatures – but they said they were worth it.

Their school stall was a sell-out, raising $310 to help WWF protect the Bengal tiger, giant panda and Asian elephant. Olivia told us:

“We just wanted to help, because we love animals so much. I love tigers, they’re really cool. When Lisa told me about WWF and how other people fundraise for them, I said ‘sure!’”

Olivia did count the rubber bands that went into the lifelike giraffe she created: exactly 2,638. A lot of kids at her school were eager to pay 50-cents so they could have a guess at that number.

The winner – with a guess of 2,600 – was very excited to take the giraffe home.

While Olivia was working on her rubber band animals, Lisa was making hundreds of colourful string bracelets. The girls also created posters and got other children in their class involved.

“I feel really happy that we raised as much money as we did. Animals are people too and we should all care for them. Hopefully this money could stop them from becoming extinct and give them what they really deserve.”