1 Aug 2022


Laying the foundation for a successful climate and renewable energy transition

A new report by Accenture released today has found that Queensland can at least halve its domestic carbon emissions this decade and create 87,000 new jobs across new industries by harnessing its abundant renewable energy and natural environment. Queensland is currently Australia’s highest carbon emitting state, accounting for almost a third (32%) of the country’s total emissions.

Queensland Climate Action Plan: laying the foundation for a successful climate transformation was commissioned by the Queensland Conservation Council, Australian Conservation Foundation, and WWF-Australia and conducted by Accenture to explore the state’s current plans and opportunities to accelerate change. The three organisations are calling for greater ambition and action on climate change by both the private sector and the Queensland Government, as the state prepares to unveil its ten-year energy plan to help protect precious land and marine environments, create jobs, and boost the state’s economy.

The report calls for action in three key areas:

  • Re-power Queensland with clean energy - decarbonising the electricity sector, which is the state’s largest emissions source
  • Lay the foundations for a gigaton-scale land carbon industry by protecting and restoring 100 million hectares of forest and woodland
  • Accelerate the development of a clean exports industry

Download the Queensland Climate Action Plan

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