21 Dec 2022


Have you ever been worried about sea turtles but unsure how to help? If you answered 'yes', read on for a heart-warming holiday story with a happy ending.

Noah, aged 10, became quite concerned when he discovered the various threats that sea turtles face. Six out of seven of these ancient mariners can be found in Australian waters, and all are threatened. Noah decided to take matters into his own hands and so hatched a plan to raise vital funds to protect turtles.

He began by drawing three ocean-themed Christmas cards which he intended to bundle up and sell to his community - friends, relative, neighbours and locals. But first, he needed to have these cards printed. So, Noah wrote a letter to his local printing companies asking for help to print an initial 300 cards, enough to make 100 bundles.

Noah's letter
Noah's letter © WWF-Australia

His letter was well received, and Noah collected his first batch of cards, which he then bundled up with twine ready for sale. Thanks to the generosity of two local printers, Noah’s cards were printed both for free and at a low cost, helping make this possible.

Noah set off walking from door to door in his neighbourhood with the aim of selling through his cards to raise $500 for the turtles. He also shared his fundraiser in front of his school at assembly. Noah’s sales techniques were quite extraordinary. He sold all 100 bundles within the first week, sending him back to the printers to have a second run of cards made.

Noah has since sold out of his second batch and raised over $1,000 for WWF-Australia. Quite the holiday gift for our sea turtles in need.

Noah's christmas cards
Noah's christmas cards © WWF-Australia

Feeling inspired by Noah’s story? Reach out to our Community Fundraising team to organise your own community fundraiser and help protect our precious nature by emailing CommunityFundraising@wwf.org.au.