30 Apr 2020


Proudly supported by Return and Earn (NSW) and Containers for Change Cans (Qld), Cans for Koalas is a recycling appeal giving Australians the unique opportunity to donate their empty drink bottles and cans to help provide ongoing care and recovery to wildlife.

Until 23 August, recyclers in NSW, Qld and NT have the option to donate their 10c container refund by simply selecting “Cans for Koalas” on all TOMRA recycling machines (Return and Earn in NSW, and TOMRA Recycling Centres in Qld and NT). Click here to find your closest recycling machine and start donating your used bottles and cans today!

Already over 1.4 million drink bottles and cans have been recycled and donated to Cans for Koalas. What does this mean?

  • Together we've diverted 192 tonnes of waste that otherwise might have ended up in landfill, parks or oceans. This includes 1.4 million recycling aluminum cans, glass and plastic bottles - 400,000 of which are plastic bottles.
  • It also means recyclers from NSW, Qld and NT have generously donated $140,000 to support WWF’s Australian Wildlife and Nature Recovery Fund, helping provide care to bushfire-affected wildlife like Maryanne the koala.

Want to help us recycle 2 million drink bottles and cans AND reach $200,000 in donations to make an even bigger environmental impact?

Here's what you can do:

  1. Collect drink bottles and cans from your workplace, your local school, your neighbours or your local sports club. 
  2. Visit your nearest TOMRA Recycling machine (Return and Earn in NSW, TOMRA Recycling Centres in Qld and NT)
  3. Return your drink containers, press “DONATE” and select “CANS FOR KOALAS” directly on the screen.

All proceeds received through this initiative are donated to WWF’s Australian Wildlife and Nature Recovery Fund.

Watch the video below to find out more about Cans for Koalas: