29 July 2023


The forest home of Endangered greater gliders is being logged right now in Tallaganda State Forest, NSW. Sign the emergency petition now to end native forest logging.

Trees are the lungs of our world. They give us oxygen and shade, provide homes for wildlife, and keep carbon out of the atmosphere. Our planet, our wildlife, our health, our communities - we all need trees to survive.

We spoke to Australians from different walks of life to understand why trees are important to them and their livelihoods.

Watch the videos below to find out how these people have taken action to protect and restore trees, and how you can help make a difference.

Ed Vercoe, Farmer, Carrickalinga SA

Ed Vercoe is a cattle farmer in South Australia who has planted native trees on his farmland to benefit his farmland, the environment and provide habitat for local wildlife like the endangered glossy black cockatoo. We spoke with Ed to understand why trees are important to him.

Hilary Herrmann, local landholder, Bangalow NSW

Local Bangalow resident Hilary Herrmann transformed part of her property from a bare paddock into a small forest in just 18 months with koala sightings, scat and scratchings. We spoke with Hilary to understand what inspired her to build this koala habitat haven and why trees are important to her.

Dr Kim Loo, Doctors for the Environment

Dr Kim Loo is a general practitioner and part of Doctors for the Environment - an organisation that recognises human well-being requires a healthy environment. We spoke with Dr Kim to understand how trees benefit our health and why trees are important to her.

Meet the Githabul Rangers

In partnership with the Githabul community, WWF-Australia, Center for Disaster Philanthropy and others, the Githabul Rangers have been working tirelessly to restore, protect and improve koala food trees as well as important natural and cultural sites across 110,000 hectares of Githabul Country.

Traditional land management practices have made positive impacts on Country for millennia. It is truly inspiring to see how much impact just one example of its revitalisation can have on our planet.