Play a vital role in the future protection of wildlife.

You’re already doing so much for our natural world. One of the best ways to ensure the species you love are around forever is to include a gift to WWF-Australia in your Will.  

Tigers are a conservation-dependent species. That means for tigers to survive in the wild, organisations like WWF and its partners need to maintain their conservation efforts forever.  

It’s gifts that are given in Wills that safeguard the future of this work, that give us the certainty that we’ll always be there to protect tigers. 

Tigers are an endangered species, and although there have been some wins, your support into the future is going to be critical to ensure they are around permanently. It's legacies to the planet like these, that will keep the Tigers Alive team in-the-field and protecting tigers forever.     

Even a small gift will help to ensure tigers survive in the wild. Please consider making nature a part of your legacy.