At WWF-Australia, we are committed to maximising the impact of your donation today, while ensuring we can operate efficiently and sustainably into the future.

The generous support of Australians achieved so much for nature in the last financial year, including

  • Connecting 38,745 hectares of important wildlife corridors for native species like koalas
  • Rewilding critically endangered species and returning platypus to Sydney’s Royal National Park
  • Achieving our vision for a Net-Free Reef to protect precious dugongs, turtles and dolphins from gill nets
  • Planting 19,000 trees for glossy black cockatoos in South Australia
  • Proudly supporting 467 Indigenous women rangers caring for Country nationwide
  • Deploying 1100 sensor cameras to help monitor species and aid in their recovery through the Eyes on Recovery Program with
  • Educating and inspiring millions of fellow Australians to protect nature 

How your donation helps

Every year WWF-Australia releases our complete financial statements, showing where every dollar went.  

In the last financial year, 73% of our income was dedicated to on-the-ground conservation programs regenerating Sky, Water and Country.  

The remaining funds were allocated as follows: 

  • 8% was allocated to administration, governance and monitoring systems, helping us operate efficiently and accountably. This includes vital investments in IT, reporting, security and finance.  
  • 19% was spent on raising the next dollar for our conservation work. 

We review our costs annually to ensure every donation is used to maximum effect for nature and wildlife. With WWF-Australia, your donation is in safe hands.