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WWF-Australia and Fire to Flourish have partnered to support and strengthen community-led regeneration.

As part of our Innovate to Regenerate program, we’re working together to strengthen community capability and agency to lead their own local regeneration. This includes building social connections and conditions for long-term thriving and resilience, supporting inclusive, community leadership and fast-tracking innovations needed to deliver social, environmental and economic benefits. Learnings from this program will be shared to enable communities around Australia to self-organise and lead local regeneration and resilience initiatives, creating a thriving regeneration ecosystem.


How does it work?

Creating the conditions to support communities to lead their own resilience requires us to take an approach that: Increases agency and supports inclusive participation in environmental protection and regeneration.

  •  Focuses on driving wealth back into communities, spur regional and economic development and foster local ownership.
  • Developing regenerative business models that are viable, sustainable and work to make both people and nature stronger.
  • By working with and building the capabilities of individuals, communities and corporates, we can demonstrate that genuinely regenerative business models are viable and feasible while mobilising communities to come together and discover creative solutions from the ground up.

Why this matters

Fire to Flourish is thrilled to be partnering with WWF-Australia. Community leadership and action to regenerate our natural environment are critical parts of bushfire recovery and an essential foundation of community resilience.

Dr Briony Rogers

CEO, Fire to Flourish

Partnering together

Fire to Flourish is led by the Monash Sustainable Development Institute (MSDI) at Monash University, with the Paul Ramsay Foundation, Metal Manufactures Pty Ltd and The Australian Centre for Social Innovation (TACSI) as cornerstone partners.

For more information on Fire to Flourish and how you can get involved, get in touch with us at

Explore more

Explore more

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Regenerating Australia

Together with Regen Studios we’ve created a short film, ‘Regenerating Australia’, that presents a compelling vision of a better Australia by 2030. Learn more about the film and find a screening near you.

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Innovate to Regenerate

In conjunction with the film, we’re supporting community-led regeneration by working with local communities to establish regenerative projects. This includes both working with Fire to Flourish and  supporting solutions that can reverse environmental damage and create a positive impact for people and the planet through the Innovate to Regenerate Challenge.