WWF-Australia’s award-winning innovation program, with a focus on accelerating and amplifying emerging technologies with positive social and environmental impact.

How we work

Big problems often mean big opportunities. We have the mandate - and indeed the imperative - to try new things, take risks, experiment with new approaches to how we solve problems, and collaborate with new allies.


Experiment and test new products and services by adopting the design thinking process.


Accelerate new and innovative solutions to some of the big environmental challenges we face.


Create a platform for collaboration through face-to-face events, hackathons and panel discussions.

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Innovate to Regenerate Challenge

Empowering Australians to create and adapt regenerative projects to build a healthy future for people and nature. Inspired by the evocative vision of Australia laid out in the ‘Regenerating Australia’ film, we are deploying $2m to support solutions that can reverse environmental damage and create a positive impact for people and the planet. If you have a solution that has clear social, environmental and economic benefits, we invite you to express your interest. Solutions should deliver benefits to Australian communities and prioritise their participation. The challenge is hosted by WWF-Australia, in partnership with Regen Studios and Monash University, on the purpose-built Impactio platform, which is designed to connect ideas with resources, mentorship, market insights and financial support.

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