24 June 2015


Last night the Senate passed legislation to cut Australia’s Renewable Energy Target.

WWF-Australia said it was one step forward for the industry, ending months of uncertainty over the issue. But the cut was two steps back for the Australian people and the places we love.

WWF National Manager Climate Change, Kellie Caught, said: “The Australian people and environment lose out from this cut to Australia’s Renewable Energy Target."

“Renewable energy is an important driver to cutting Australia’s carbon pollution, bringing down future energy prices and creating sustainable jobs."

“Since the Government announced their intention to cut the Renewable Energy Target more than 18 months ago, investment in renewable energy has stalled, jobs have been lost and carbon pollution has increased in the electricity sector."

“Meanwhile, global investment in renewable energy continues to be strong. It’s important Australia keeps up and takes advantage of this growth."

“The passage of this legislation will help to stop the investment haemorrhage and will go some way to helping the renewable industry get back on track, but it is a massive setback to creating a healthier economy and environment."

“Our politicians have a responsibility to leave Australia in a better place. We need new measures to shift from dirty coal to renewable energy, including a commitment from all parties to at least 50% renewable energy by 2030."

“A strong renewable energy target would be a win win – for the environment, for jobs, for our economy and for our kids’ futures."

WWF-Australia Media Contact: 

Daniel Rockett, National Media Manager