6 May 2016


WWF-Australia strongly welcomes Labor’s commitment, made last night, to continue funding grants through the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) if elected, but were disappointed they have delayed a decision on whether to re-commit the full funds until after the election.

ARENA grants to renewable energy projects will be important to help achieve 100% renewable electricity in Australia by 2035,” said Kellie Caught, WWF-Australia Climate Change National Manager.

“ARENA has already supported 57 completed projects and is currently managing more than 200 renewable energy projects across Australia, it’s at the heart of supporting renewable innovation."

WWF-Australia also expressed disappointment Labor in its budget in reply did not promise to scrap more than $7.7 billion per year in fossil fuel subsidies.

“It is contradictory to fight global warming through ARENA while also spending billions in fossil fuel subsidies that will increase global warming."

“Recent polling shows strong support for ending fossil fuel subsidies and redirecting this money into the growth of home-grown renewable energy,” Ms Caught said.