Nicky Ison, WWF-Australia Energy Transition Manager next to a solar panel

9 Nov 2020


The World Wide Fund for Nature-Australia welcomed today’s release of the NSW Electricity Infrastructure Roadmap.

“This is the biggest, most substantial commitment by any state government to a clean energy transition and a major strategic pivot towards making Australia a renewable superpower,” said WWF-Australia Energy Transition Manager Nicky Ison.

“WWF welcomes the commitment to build 12 GWs of renewables and 2 GWs of storage by 2030, underpinned by smart policies designed to unlock investment, create jobs, lower power bills and accelerate climate action."

“Renewable energy is good for jobs, communities, household budgets, business and manufacturing."

“It’s great to see the NSW government wholeheartedly embrace and accelerate reliable renewable energy."

“In particular we commend the NSW government for prioritising renewable-powered manufacturing where NSW has a global competitive advantage – particularly green steel, aluminium, hydrogen and ammonia."

“WWF has been promoting the vision for Australia to become the world’s leading renewable export superpower by 2030 and NSW’s Roadmap provides the right foundation to power past 100% renewables. State momentum is growing with Tasmania committing to a 200% Renewable Energy target by 2040."

“As the Roadmap notes, global demand for zero carbon products is growing, and now will accelerate following net zero emissions commitments by our major trading partners – Japan, China, South Korea, the UK, and a US government led by President-elect Joe Biden."

“NSW has some of the best renewable resources in the world and the NSW Electricity Infrastructure Roadmap unlocks the massive economic opportunity this presents."

“It can go a long way to unlocking the 100,000 jobs identified in the EY report that WWF released earlier this year,” Ms Ison said.

Mindful of the cumulative damage caused by bushfires and then Covid, WWF recently launched a campaign to Regenerate Australia.

A key aspect of this program is to position Australia as a Renewables Nation.

WWF applauds the NSW Government for providing this climate leadership at such a critical time, and encourage those who would like to further support the agenda to Regenerate Australia to head to