20 Apr 2023


The much-awaited review of Australia’s 2025 National Packaging Targets is a wake-up call that signals the urgent need for stronger laws to break our national addiction to plastic, according to WWF-Australia.

Published today by the Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation, the review shows that Australia is falling well short of its plastic packaging recycling targets.

“With this report, industry has confirmed Australia’s packaging targets won’t be met by 2025,” said Kate Noble, WWF-Australia’s No Plastics in Nature Policy Manager.

“This is deeply disappointing, but it also points to an urgent need for a better way of doing business that reduces waste and protects our precious places and species from plastic pollution."

“Industry has said loud and clear they can’t deliver these targets without additional government intervention. This intervention needs to come in the shape of stronger laws."

“We welcome industry making the case for a stronger regulatory framework and laws that can reduce plastic consumption, increase recycling, and ultimately reduce plastic pollution."

“Industry self-regulation has proven to be a failed experiment."

“It’s time for Australia to get our act together when it comes to our plastics addiction. With government leadership and everyone playing their role, we can reduce plastic consumption, waste and pollution, and increase re-use, repair and recycling."

“There has never been a better time to drive action on this issue, with the UN currently negotiating a global plastic pollution treaty."

Research suggests Australians create more single-use plastic waste, per person per year, than any other country except Singapore."

“And while there’s huge public support and commitment to tackle our skyrocketing plastic addiction, individuals, communities and companies can’t deliver the major gear shift that’s needed. This needs to be a truly national effort.”

Australians can learn more about the problem of plastic pollution and what they can do to help here: https://wwf.org.au/get-involved/plastic-pollution/stopping-plastic-pollution/