11 Apr 2024


The World Wide Fund for Nature-Australia has welcomed the Prime Minister’s vision to make Australia a world leader in renewable manufacturing and exports.

Anthony Albanese unveiled plans for a Future Made in Australia Act at Queensland's Media Club today, outlining critical incentives to develop the manufacturing and clean energy industries.

“The Prime Minister’s speech today sets out a bold vision for Australia to capture the opportunities of becoming a renewable energy export superpower,” said Dermot O’Gorman, CEO of WWF-Australia.

“We have a small window and a huge opportunity to transform our economy in a way that works for people and nature.

“Australia has the resources, skills, and capacity to play a significant role in the global effort to phase out fossil fuels and achieve net-zero emissions.

“As the world transitions to clean energy, Australia needs to rapidly invest in the green industries that will replace our fossil fuel exports. This means not only meeting 100% of our own energy needs, but also helping other countries around the world meet their emission reduction targets and decarbonise their economies.

“We need a fast, best, and just transition to renewable energy, products and systems that restore nature and benefit communities.

“It is now time to build fast to keep 1.5°C warming in reach, best to reverse the trend of biodiversity loss, and just to achieve an inclusive and resilient transition for local communities, in particular First Nations communities.”

WWF-Australia has been calling for greater investment in Australia’s renewable manufacturing and a renewable exports plan as part of the Sunshot alliance with the ACTU, BCA and ACF.

Welcoming today’s announcement, Mr O’Gorman said Australia needed to invest significantly more to unlock the true potential of green manufacturing.

“Globally, countries are set to invest over US$1.8 trillion in clean energy. If Australia is going to be a leader in that new economy and make the most of the opportunity to work with key trading partners in Asia to decarbonise steel and iron supply chains, we need more investment to grow our capability and capacity. The Prime Minister’s announcement today is a step in the right direction,” he said.