The 2019-20 bushfires disaster has placed enormous pressure on our already strained natural environment. 

According to recent assessments, 486 flora species have been listed as in need of urgent attention after the bushfire crisis. Some species that were considered threatened before the fires and, post-fires, now face increased risk of extinction. Gaining a better understanding of how such flora species respond to fire is vital for informing recovery and management of future threats.

That's why Botanica by Air Wick has partnered with WWF-Australia to create The Rare Bloom Project™. In collaboration with the Australian Seed Bank Partnership, we will work to help save 120 native Australian wildflowers from the threat of extinction through a conservation program of seed collection, germination trials and propagation. Together, we can help protect and conserve Australia’s native flora and unique biodiversity for the benefit of future generations.

Examples of flora species to be protected include: Baeckea kandos in NSW; Craspedia canens in VIC (grey billy-buttons); Brachyscome muelleri in SA; Euphrasia scabra in ACT (rough eyebright); and Polyscias "Douglas-Dennison" in TAS.  Through The Rare Bloom Project, seed banks will allow for the safe and efficient storage of wild plant genetic material. Seed collections will help provide a critical understanding of seed harvest, storage and germination in order to combat the global decline of plant diversity, particularly in the face of a rapidly changing climate. Such seed banks play an important role in the preservation of threatened plant species and will help to future-proof Australia against ecological disasters like the bushfires.  


It is of utmost importance that we understand the threat of extinction for Australian native wildflowers. If we are to lose these species, the impacts on our wider ecosystem will be truly devastating. Thankfully, through the Rare Bloom Project, we can take immediate action to help protect Australia's threatened blooms, and in-turn our beautiful and unique biodiversity. Through our partnership with WWF-Australia we are proud to be collaborating with seed scientists and conservation experts from the Australian Seed Bank Partnership on research and germination programs that support Australia's at-risk native wildflowers for future generations.

Saurabh Jain

Marketing Director for RB Hygiene (ANZ)