Deloitte and WWF-Australia are working together to drive transformative action on climate change through education and skills development as part of our vision to Regenerate Australia.

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Through the Innovate to Regenerate program, WWF-Australia supports community-led regeneration by working with local communities to establish regenerative projects, from organic waste processing facilities to regenerative agriculture and renewable energy cooperatives.

However, to get here means creating conditions to support communities to lead their own regeneration.

Through this collaboration, Deloitte will offer expertise, including pro bono professional services, skilled volunteering and mentoring to support the development of large-scale community regeneration.


WWF’s focus on innovative solutions to future-proof Australia’s unique natural environment and communities dovetails perfectly with Deloitte’s values and commitment as a leading adviser and voice on climate and sustainability. The opportunities for our people to help work to protect and advocate for wildlife will give new expression to what is a long-held passion for many at our firm.

Rob Collie

Chair, The Deloitte Foundation

The bottom line

By working with and building the capabilities of individuals, communities and corporates, we can prove that genuinely regenerative business models are viable and feasible. The support of Deloitte will help provide the necessary capability building in communities to enable them to self-organise and participate in local regeneration projects, leading to the creation of a thriving regeneration ecosystem. This collaboration will support Deloitte’s global WorldClass initiative to empower 100 million people by 2030 and WorldClimate strategy to drive responsible climate choices within Deloitte and beyond.