Unified in a common goal to protect threatened and endangered wildlife, Koala and WWF have been in partnership since August 2017.

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Unified in a common goal to protect threatened and endangered wildlife, Koala and WWF have been in partnership since 2017. Through the partnership, Koala donates funds to WWF from every mattress sold. In addition, the partnership aims to inspire and educate Koala’s customers about the work of WWF to protect threatened and endangered wildlife, such as stopping activities including excessive tree-clearing that puts iconic species and habitat at risk.

This includes helping protect their namesake, the koala. Currently, we are working together to prevent the further decline of koala populations by restoring and reducing the loss of koala habitat and supporting key interventions required for sick and injured koalas. In addition, together we are raising awareness of threats that wildlife is facing and the importance of conserving the iconic Australian koala species. Learn more about our current work with koalas below.


At Koala we believe in reversing environmental trends and leaving the Earth in better condition than we found it. That's why we partner with organisations like WWF, supporting their work to build better habitats and innovating together to help protect biodiversity.

Mitchell Taylor

KOALA Co-founder, Director

The bottom line

Globally, WWF has been working successfully on the conservation of the world’s most iconic species for over 50 years. WWF works in partnership with a variety of organisations, communities and individuals to protect those endangered species most in need. Australia's vast continent is home to some of the most magnificent plants and animals on Earth. Many have evolved in splendid geographical isolation and are found nowhere else, including the koala. Sadly, being iconic and symbolic is not enough to save the koala from the threat of extinction. In the 1920’s, hundreds of thousands of koalas were shot for the fur trade and now they are contending with the consequences of ongoing excessive tree-clearing. Together, we can work for the conservation of our world’s most threatened and endangered species, restore their habitats, protect them from destruction and win the fight against extinction.

Since our partnership with Koala began in 2017, some of our achievements include:

  • Planting more than 50,000 trees across koala habitat
  • Distributing more than 43,000 trees to landholders for planting in koala habitat (across Lismore and surrounds)
  • Supporting detection dogs to collect data for over 3,000 koala surveys to understand koala populations and genetic diversity
  • Supporting critical research to help understand and prevent feminisation of sea turtles caused by climate change
  • Installing 28 nest boxes for endangered species Kangaroo Island Glossy Black Cockatoos Supporting the care of over 50 sick and injured koalas and released them back into the wild
  • Purchasing crucial equipment for koala carer teams to safely capture, care for, and release koalas
  • Helping mobilise 100s of ongoing volunteers to support koalas

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