WWF-Australia and Tasmanian Walking Company partnered together to raise funds for the largest and most innovative wildlife and landscape regeneration program in Australia’s history - WWF’s Regenerate Australia. During their Walk for Wild event in 2022 and 2023, 100% of sales were donated to WWF’s Regenerate Australia. Regenerate Australia is WWF’s bold program of action. It aims to rehabilitate and restore wildlife and habitats, and future-proof Australia against climate disasters. Guests who joined the Walk for the Wild trips had the opportunity to experience Australia’s breathtaking wilderness areas while also supporting Regenerate Australia projects that focus on restoring our environment and ensuring it thrives. 


We are very proud to be working with Tasmanian Walking Company to help raise awareness and critical funds for Australian conservation and encourage people to enjoy Australia's incredible natural environment. Eco-tourism, when mindful and well-managed, can have a huge positive impact for people and nature. Our goal to Regenerate Australia can only be achieved together through collaboration with many individual and collective actors across business, government, industry and local communities. The tourism sector has an exciting and valuable role to play in helping to achieve this ambitious goal.

Kathryn Birch

Senior manager- impact partnerships