Underworks and WWF-Australia are excited to launch the Wildlife Collection, a sock and underwear range available in a variety of colours and endangered animal prints. 

The socks are made from 97% recycled fibres, and 5% of each sale will go towards supporting WWF’s goal to Regenerate Nature by 2030, by raising awareness and helping support efforts to protect threatened species like the koala and tiger.

This is of critical importance because in Australia alone, more than 500 of our native animals are at risk of being lost forever. We’ve already lost more than 100 of our plants and animals and hold the unenviable record of the most mammal extinctions in the world. 

Some of the species at risk include the iconic koala. Last year the koala on Australia’s east coast were officially listed as an endangered species, after dramatic population decline.

Globally, many wildlife are facing the same threats.

The tiger is edging closer to extinction. As their habitat dwindles, declines in prey numbers leave them no choice but to venture into agricultural land where they come into direct conflict with humans. Decreased habitat also makes them more vulnerable to poachers.

WWF-Australia is determined to turn this tragedy around. Through this collaboration we have a unique and powerful opportunity to raise much-needed awareness among Underworks’ customers of the plight of threatened species in Australia and abroad,

The Wildlife Collection is available at Big W, Woolworths and online. Browse the collection here.

Underworks and WWF Wildlife Collection

Underworks is excited to partner with WWF to bring Aussies a new range of socks with a meaningful twist. When you purchase an item in our new Wildlife Collection, you’re not just getting a pair of socks – you’re helping to raise funds for conservation efforts and in turn, becoming a part of a larger movement committed to wildlife protection.

Sam Todaro, Underworks Founder and CEO