WWF-Australia believes Australia should be a renewable energy superpower and we’re calling on everyone to help us become one. The Renewable Superpower Scorecard presents a snapshot of how Australia’s states, territories and federal government are performing in the race to become a renewable superpower. 

To read our latest Renewable Superpower Scorecard released in December 2022, click here. This scorecard is the first time Australia’s states and territories have been ranked for their progress not just in switching Australia’s domestic energy system to renewables, but also on how quickly and comprehensively they are working to establish new renewable export industries for the nation. 

Renewable Superpower Scorecard #2, 2021
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Key findings

  • The race to become a Renewable Superpower is close - neck and neck - but there is much more opportunity ahead, and real urgency to move fast - if you’re not out front you’re being left behind.
  • Most jurisdictions are making solid progress on rolling out renewables, and tracking toward state targets for domestic electricity - but we need exponential growth to reach 700% renewables by 2050.
  • Only two jurisdictions - South Australia and Tasmania - are thinking beyond “100%” renewables. In fact, most are still stuck with targets of 50% renewables by 2030, or less. 

Download the Renewable Superpower Scorecard Report to see how Australia’s states, territory and federal government are performing in the race to become a renewable superpower.