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We are uniquely reliant on forests – without them, life as we know it would not exist. We’ve exploited our forests through the ages, but if we give them the chance, they will bounce back. The air we breathe, the water we drink, the energy we consume - it all starts with processes controlled by trees and plants. And when it comes to the fight against climate change trees are our biggest ally.

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How To Save Our Forests

Sir David Attenborough explains how we can protect our forests and allow them to recover by drawing on their natural resilience and improve our own practices to benefit these important ecosystems.

Healthy Forests Needs Wolves

A healthy forest needs predators. After losing wolves from much of Europe, they're returning to our forests.

Trees Are Rainmakers

Trees make rain. But when trees are bulldozed, we lose the services they provide, which protect and nurture us with a safe climate, clean air and water, and healthy soil and food.

Why we need to change the way we value forests

Learn about why we need to start valuing standing forests and the products they provide.

Why Our Cities Love Forests

Here’s how our forests are helping provide water to many of the world’s biggest cities.

What Can I Do? Sustainable Wood

Discover what you can do to help save our planet's forests.

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Be a voice for our planet. People around the world are calling for urgent action to protect our planet, our only home.

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