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Our planet’s grasslands are the rich home to our big land animals, but they’re also shrinking. Life in our grasslands depends on space.

The Challenge

They once covered a quarter of our planet, but as the human population exploded, we've turned our grasslands into farmland and replaced wild herds with domestic ones. A revolution in diets and farming will make the best use of the land we've already claimed and allow space for our wild grasslands and the life that depends upon them.

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How To Save Our Grasslands

Find out from Sir David Attenborough how changing the way we eat and a revolution in farming can save our planet’s wild grasslands.

Our Planet | Cheetah Hunt | Clip | Netflix

Life in our planet's grasslands is certainly fast paced. Can you keep up with this cheetah hunt?

Buffalo Story

The story of the Great Plains of America, once a spectacular wild grassland. But is there a chance that the buffalo may roam once again?

Humpback whale feeding off Cape Town
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Be a voice for our planet. People around the world are calling for urgent action to protect our planet, our only home.

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